Adventure Millstätter See

The lake Millstätter See is located in the middle of the mountain area Nockberge national park, Millstätter Alpe, Tschiernock, Goldeck and legendary Mirnock.
Our carinthian jewel lies at about 600 metres above sea level. It is Carinthia's deepest and most abundant lake. In addition the lake is known for its clear drinking water quality and the diversity of fish.
The region owes the mild climate to the many hours of sunshine. That forms the cornerstone to make your vacation unforgettable. Expect an experience trip between the mountains and the lake...

Get power and energy...
where? At the Mirnock! Here should be the home of the gods, the beginning of power and magic. Also shamans and healers have discovered the power of the mountain and go on a pilgrimage to the Mirnock.
The trip to the peak leads you along a herb garden, the tree shrine, a seven-stemmed spruce and much more. Here you can let the spirituality work its magic and recharge your batteries.


Discover the lake Millstätter See on two wheels
An other possibility how you can enjoy the beauty of the lake is, to bike around it. You can bike along the natural unspoiled shores and ever risk jumping into the fresh water. Take your time and enjoy the idyll with the whole family.
For more demanding cyclists the area offers many mountain bike tours.


Enjoy being alone together...
under a starry sky, on a raft, like an island, surrounded by water and mountains, and indulge your palate with a seven-course „dinner for two”.


Hiking for everyone
Hiking is important in our region. Whether you hike onto the Millstätter Alpe, the Tschiernock, the Rosennock, onto the „Stanane Mandl“ or you just walk along the beach, you will love the wonderful landscape and you will be amazed at what you can discover. Ther is something to discover, to explore and to experience everywhere and your physical wellbeing will also be catered for in many places. There are many refreshment points, where you can fortify yourself with a traditional Carinthian platter of cold cuts, bacon, cheese and a glass of buttermilk. That makes hiking so much more fun.


When the sun goes down
Around the lake Millstätter See you can enjoy a wealth of experiences also in the evening.
There are market stalls accompanied by live music, shopping facilities, entertainment programs, where you can taste home-made specialties of the local and regional farmers. Our excellent home-made schnapps and liqueurs are worth a sin. You can also buy the products, to take them back home as a gift to your beloved ones.
You can also visit one of the beach bars directly at the lake. Have a relaxed end of the day with a good glass of wine under the starry sky and listen to the sound of the lake.


A wild romantic gorge...
a mystical adit full of surprises and a prospect, where you can discover small fine gemstones, awaits you in the Granatium Radenthein.
Here you can learn about the history of the coveted gemstone, its history and variety of meanings as a jewel, as a medicament, and about the mining. In the adit, which is about 600 metres long, you will be able to get a good impression of the subterranean home of the gemstone. The tour trough the adit leads you back to daylight. Then you can cut the small gemstones out of the rock at the prospect, process, cut and polish them, or you allow an expert to do it for you. That is a very interesting place for everyone. Afterwards you can go along a small river until you reach the „Blauen Tumpf“. Here you can enjoy the impressive scenery, or you can start a gorge hiking, which leads you to washed out rock steps across the unspoiled nature until you reach the waterfall at the big weir. The Granatium is an extraordinary and fascinating destination for geological interested people and families.


That are just a few interesting places. But there is even more to be discoverd in our fascinating region.